Scheme of Studies for BE/BS (4 Years) in Biomedical Engineering

First Semester
Course Title and CodeTheoryLab Total
Applied Physics (PHY-111)
Introduction to Computing (CS-141)
Basic Electrical & Electronics Engineering (EE-199)
Basic Biology (BME-104)/Basic Mathematics (MA-110)
International Language
Introduction of Biomedical Engineering
Islamic & Pak Studies 1 (IS-101)303
Second Semester
Course Title and CodeTheoryLabTotal
Human Anatomy (BME-103)213
Calculus & Analytical Geometry (MA-113)303
Physiology 1 (BME-102)213
Circuit Analysis (EE-110)314
Programming Fundamentals (CS-142)314
Engineering Drawing (ME-124L)011
Third Semester
Course Title and CodeTheoryLabTotal
Linear Algebra & Differential Equations (MA-116)303
Physiology 2 (BME-201)213
Biochemistry (BME-214)213
Semiconductor Devices (EE-212)314
Workshop Practice (ME-100L)011
Communication Skills (HU-111L)011
Islamic & Pak Studies 2 (IS-201)303
Fourth Semester
Course Title and CodeTheoryLabTotal
Biomedical Electronics (BME-213)213
Digital Logic Design (CSE-221)314
Complex Variable & Transform (MA-221)303
Cellular & Molecular Biology (BME-202)213
Signals & Systems (EE-220)303
Fifth Semester
Course Title and CodeTheoryLabTotal
Biomedical Instrumentation 1 (BME-310)213
Applied Probability & Statistics (EE-320)303
Numerical Methods (MA-346)303
Microprocessor Systems (EE-273)314
Biomaterials  (BME-313)213
Sixth Semester
Course Title and CodeTheoryLabTotal
Biomedical Instrumentation 2 (BME-318)213
Technical Elective 1 (BME-XXX)303
Control Systems  (EE-340)314
Biomedical Modeling & Simulation (BME-244)213
Biomechanics  (BME-212)213
Seventh Semester
Course Title and CodeTheoryLabTotal
Management Elective 1 (MGT-XXX)303
Medical Imaging (BME-411)213
Technical Elective 2 (BME-XXX)303
Technical Elective 3 (BME-XXX)303
Technical Writing & Presentation Skills (HU-221)303
Biomedical Engineering Project Phase 1 (BME-412a)033
Eighth Semester
Course Title and CodeTheoryLabTotal
Technical Elective 4 (BME-XXX)303
Social & Ethical Aspects in Engineering (IME-251)202
Technical Elective 5 (BME-XXX)303
Management Elective 2 (MGT-XXX)303
Biomedical Engineering Project Phase 2 (BME-412b)033
Coruse Title Course CodeTheory/Lab Cr’s
Bioelectricity  BME-3143+0
Power Electronics  EE-3922+1
Rehabilitation and Sports Medicine  BME-4332+1
Biomedical Robotics  BME-4142+1
  Biofluid Mechanics  BME-4152+1
Bioinformatics  BME-4163+0
Artificial Intelligence  CS-3613+1
Hospital Information Management Systems  BME-4183+0
Medical Device Quality Systems and Standards  BME-4193+0
Medical Image Processing  BME-4202+1
Telemedicine Systems  BME-4232+1
Biophysics  BME-4212+1
 DNA Computing  BME-4253+0
Drug Delivery Systems  BME-3163+0
Genetic Engineering  BME-4443+0
  Neuroscience & Neural Networks  BME-4323+0
Regenerative Medicine  BME-4263+0
Tissue Engineering  BME-4273+0
Computational Fluid Dynamics  BME-3173+0
Nano-Biotechnology  BME-4283+0
Medical Device Regulatory Affairs  BME-4293+0
Introduction to Machine LearningEE-4393+0
Biomedical Signal ProcessingBME-3112+1
Coruse TitleCoruse CodeCr’s
Principles of ManagementMGT 2113+0
Production and Operations ManagementMGT 3103+0
Total Quality ManagementMGT 3133+0
Entrepreneurship and Business ManagementMGT 4143+0
Engineering EconomicsMGT 4603+0
Project ManagementMGT 4103+0