Biomedical engineering students of session 2019 got an excellent opportunity to visit the interdisciplinary research center in biomedical materials, COMSATS University Lahore on 25th November,2021under the supervision of Dr. Nida Iqbal.
On their arrival at the center, Dr. Hamad and Sir Usman warmly welcomed the students. Following covid sops, the class was divided into three groups comprising 12 students in each.
One group was taken for a lab visit under the guidance of Dr. Hamad Khalid, one Group was taken to the research facility lab, where Mr. Asif Ali demonstrated the equipment’s utilization in biomaterial characterizations, and the last group was taken to the conference room, where Dr. Arsalan Ahamd Ansari gave the presentation on the recent development and trend in biomedical materials for biomedical applications.
IRCBM offers access to its advanced equipment along with a qualified and professional constructive environment. The students of biomedical engineering highly appreciated and liked the IRCBM visit. They not only get benefited from the new information required for the biomaterials course and biomedical engineering degree, but they admired the environment of IRCBM and COMSATS University. We are grateful to both parties for the arrangement and
management of the visit.