“The only source of knowledge is experience!”

Experience is something that teaches people more than education and educational advice. For the same reason, BME 2021 session trip was arranged under Engr.Sir Farhan Yousaf to Hall Road Lahore In the blazing heat of the month of 6th of June. The main objective was to make students learn about the practicality of life. The class was divided into three groups with three different projects.  One was the power bank, the second was the water level indicator, and the third was RBGS.  Every group was given a free hand to purchase necessary items for the project. Many had their first time buying electrical components at such a market. We had to hover from one shop to the other, one corner to the other but as it is said you have to face challenges while your learning period. After two long hours of exploring the market our components were all purchased and after all a moment of relief! I’m sure the batch of BME 2021 will remember it as one of the most educational tours ever under the supervision of Engr. Sir Farhan Yousaf.