Department Of Biomedical Engineering gave a farewell and said goodbye to a gem and most important asset in the form of the chairperson, Dr. Abdul Rauf Anwar on 10 November 2022. He served for more than 8 years in the department. He is not only a Ph.D. in computational neuroscience from Germany but a conscientious researcher in the field of computational neuroscience with an extensive record of publications in well-reputed research journals with an accumulative impact factor of more than 100, h-index of 15 and an i10-index of 18. His services in the department of biomedical engineering are innumerable.No one can explain his efforts in words yet he himself. He is not only a mentor for students but he an encyclopedia for everyone. His research interests include the following:

  • Multimodal analysis of biomedical signals including EEG, EMG, fMRI, MEG, and fNIRS
  • Correlation, coherence, causality, and frequency domain directionality analysis
  • Deep brain stimulation for mitigating the effects of Parkinson’s disease
  • Complex network analysis of fMRI signals
  • Phase-amplitude coupling for the sleep-stage classification

Department of Biomedical Engineering wishes him the Best of luck for his post-doctoral fellowship in Paris, France.

The day of 10 November will be remembered in the eyes of students and all faculty. Here is a glimpse of the last batch photo taken with him during with 2019 Session.