The objective of this event was to spread awareness regarding availing the international scholarship opportunities for further studies after graduation.

Guest spokesperson:

Dr. Muhammad Farooq,

Assistant Professor

Mechanical Engineering Department New Campus – KSK


Reasonable number of audiences about 40 to 45 students were there to attend this awareness workshop.

Key points:

A seminar on ‘’ International Scholarship Opportunities in Higher Education’’ was organized by student chapters of ASHRAE and EMBS at UET Lahore New Campus, KSK. Dr. Muhammad Farooq, Assistant Professor from Mechanical Engineering Department New Campus, KSK conducted the seminar as Resource Person. He has conducted and participated in various teaching, training and research activities in more than 20 countries including USA, China, Turkey, Gulf region, UK and many European countries and shared the fully funded scholarships & different opportunities around the globe for the Pakistani students.

He also explained the important aspects of statement of purpose, letter of motivation and CV in the admission application for funded opportunities. Prof. Dr. Muhammad Kamran, Campus Coordinator, New Campus –KSK also grace the event with his presence and shared some invaluable pearls of wisdom with the audience.


After having this useful discussion, we all had a know how about availing the opportunities for higher studies and international scholarships from abroad.