The purpose of organizing this event was to give a sense of awareness among our people especially our women regrading breast cancer. With this, we wanted to show every woman that her life is important. And the best time for this is the month of October which is considered as breast cancer awareness month.

Chief guests:

Naveed Rizwan

(Director Khabar Ghar)

President Electronic media (district Sahiwal), bureau chief Abb Takk News (district Sahiwal), General secretory (RUJ).

Hafiz Zakria Khan:

Coordinator of Sarwar Foundation, Governor Punjab.

Haji Muhammad Ashraf:

(Manager at face fresh for legal affairs)

Guest speaker

Dr. Maher Hamza Sheikh Zayed Hospital


Reasonable number of audiences about 40 to 45 students were there to attend this awareness workshop.

Key points:

  • There was a brief discussion on the topic of breast cancer with its out spread in Asia especially Pakistan.
  • Causes of this disease, diagnosis in early stages.
  • Treatment of breast cancer in early or advance stages.
  •  Precautions to avoid.


After having this useful discussion, we all are now aware of the critical effects of this breast cancer. 1 out of 9 women is targeted to this disease in our country. So to break the chain of breast cancer awareness is important. As the “first thing towards change is awareness” Hopefully, we all are going to break the chain of spread and ensure the safety of every woman.

As we are here for:

Supporting the fighters

Admiring the survivors

Honoring the taken

And Never Ever giving up Hope….


At the very end certificates were provided to the organizers and attendees who became a part of this awareness workshop.