The objective of this event was to spread awareness regarding COVID-19 and to develop a sense of consciousness among people so that they should take the precautionary measures from this pandemic.

Guest spokesperson:

Dr. Saima Anwar

Professor in UET, New Campus

PhD in genetics, epigenetics and molecular biology


Reasonable number of audiences about 40 to 45 students were there to attend this awareness workshop.

Key points:

  • There was a brief discussion on the origin of Corona Virus and SARS-COV -2.
  • Its occurrence and outbreak from animals to humans and then from human to human.
  • The causes and symptoms of Covid-19. Its diagnosis, preventions, and cure.
  • Plasma donation. Precautionary or safety measures to get rid of Corona virus.


After having this useful discussion, we all are now aware of the critical effects of this epidemic and it outgrowth in our country. Hopefully, we all are going to break the chain of spread and ensure the safety of all by avoiding large gathering, washing hands, stay home, cough and sneeze in elbow and so on.



At the very end certificates were provided to the organizers and attendees who became a part of this awareness workshop.